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Virus protection that also guards against spyware, malware and phishing

Virus protection that also guards against spyware, malware and phishing

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Program by: IObit Information Technology


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Program license

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Trial version

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IObit Information Technology

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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate actively protects personal computers from external threats and boosts hardware performance through a suite of different tools. Millions of computer users rely upon Advanced SystemCare Ultimate to protect their computers. The program actively guards computers from a plethora of external threats, including malware, spyware, phishing and even hacking attempts. Likewise, ASCU boosts PC performance by efficiently managing memory usage and shutting down unnecessary programs. Few software alternatives offer the advanced features of this program at an affordable annual price.

Antivirus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Phishing and More

ASC Ultimate utilizes BitDefender's antivirus software with IObit's own anti-malware capabilities. The result is a two-pronged defense from virtually all threats that many computer users face daily. Unlike other software, ASC Ultimate focuses upon active detection and elimination of threats, even while surfing the Internet. Since the software defends a computer in real time, threats are eliminated before they cause problems. All actions are scrutinized for threats.

However, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate doesn't stop there. Users can regularly scan their own computers for malware, spyware, and more. ASC Ultimate will scan every corner of the system's drives and identify any potential problems. From there, a click of the button will eliminate these issues for good. Such advanced protection is unavailable from competitors' products right now. Advanced SystemCare is undoubtedly in its own league.

ASC Ultimate: A Performance Booster on Steroids

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate doesn't just eliminate computer threats. The software also boosts PC performance through other means. Current ASC Ultimate versions feature over 30 optimization tools for PCs. Users can manage their computer's RAM and eliminate data-intensive applications. They can optimize their computer for gaming or Web browsing. Plus, other tools clean the registry and get rid of looping data wastes.

One of the Only All-in-One Programs that Works

While protecting a computer from threats is necessary, ensuring the device's performance is just as important. ASC Ultimate offers all the tools necessary to complete both tasks. A single scan can identify spyware, tackle malware, and optimize the computer's settings for added performance. Users can click "Scan" and walk away from their computer with ease. Upon returning, they will find that their computer is problem-free and ready to tackle any task.

These days, few software options combine maintenance, optimization and protection into one package. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate bucks this trend by bundling these features and more into a great program. Active protection gives users peace of mind while they are browsing the Web or downloading files. Many of these optimization features are nearly non-existent in other programs. ASC Ultimate is worth a try for anyone who is tired of using multiple programs to protect their computers.

Pros of ASC Ultimate

* Antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware in one package

* Smooth and simple user interface

* Over 30 tools for PC optimization and protection

* Free version available for first-time users

* Does not hog Data while in use

* Actively protects users browsing the internet

Cons of ASC Ultimate

* Antivirus capabilities lacking in some areas

* Not everyone will understand each tool